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Secways at a glance

Secways is the family office of Pere Hospital. We are a team of entrepreneurs bringing experience and network to help founders build world-class companies.

We are entrepreneurs who want to help you build a global business. We have lived failure, we learned, and we want to help you avoid the same mistakes. We help when things are most difficult, the early stages.

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Portfolio companies
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Our portfolio

Our portfolio includes a wide range of companies in different industries and stages, but all share the same principles: ambition, passion for what they do, a strong team and disruptive business models ready to conquer the market.

We are knitters company logoFundcraft company logoBoxMotions company logoNorthone company logoVasquiat company logoSavyour company logoKenmei company logoVirgo company logoWetaca company logoSalvalco company logoWebtrans company logoWellpleace company logoOverexport company logoHenry Meds company logoDomma company logoDomma company logoDomma company logoDomma company logoLoveTV company logoBewater funds company logoBstadium company logo

Our funder application process

We are nimble in our evaluation, typically our process takes a few weeks to complete.
Internal evaluation
We review your pitch using our proprietary evaluation system. We complete the initial evaluation within a week.
If you pass our internal evaluation, our team conducts a 60 minute session with the founders to dig deeper into the business.
Based on our findings we conduct a reevaluation. If the company passes again, we commit on the spot.

What we invest in

At Secways we want to invest in resilient founders, building category leading products.

Like all investors, we don’t know what the perfect founder looks like. We try to stick to criteria, but don’t hold us to it. We might break our own rules.
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The team
We want to see a great team with a "why" they're doing this.
The business model
We like to see a simple business model with a moat, community, niche or all of the above.
The scalability
We invest in businesses with high potential margins, scalable sales and marketing.
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What Stage Are You In?

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Our team

No bullshit people. We walk the talk. We have all been in your shoes as entrepreneurs.

Pere Hospital team image
Pere Hospital
Cloudways founder, entrepreneur since 2008. After exiting Cloudways he's focused on investing in the world's best startups.
Andrew Swiler team image
Andrew Swiler
Investment Director
Entrepreneur and investor since 2012. Andrew has experience in private equity, venture capital, and running internet companies.
Profile picture for Jaume Ventura
Jaume Ventura
27 years experience leading KPMG as Audit director. Jaume leads the financial management and due diligence for all Secways portfolio companies.
Profile picture for David Poblador i Garcia
David Poblador i Garcia
12 years at Spotify leading technology and infrastructure teams. In the early 2000s David founded and ran an Internet services provider for 7 years. David is responsible for the technical due diligence and infrastructure of Secway’s portfolio.
Ana López Soler
Ana López Soler
Head of Scouting & Dealflow
17 years in investment analysis. Ana lead Investor Relations for Tecnicas Reunidas, and was a fundraising consultant for accelerators Techstars, Social Nest, and ISDI. Ana leads scouting and dealflow.
Maria López team image
Maria López
Accounting & Tax Manager
Maria's primary responsibilities are financial control, accounting and tax compliance in Secways Group of companies.

The blog

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